FS 12 1200M

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FS 12 1200M

FS 12 1200M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions
FS 12 1200M WHITE GOLD 999 1222 FS 12 1200M WHITE GOLD
FS NO.12 1200M-COPPER 999 1228 FS NO.12 1200M-COPPER
FS NO.12 1200M-SILVER31 999 1231 FS NO.12 1200M-SILVER31
FS NO.12 1200M-GOLD37 999 1237 FS NO.12 1200M-GOLD37
FS NO.12 1200M-BLACK PEARL 999 1260 FS NO.12 1200M-BLACK PEARL
FS NO.12 1200M-DIAMOND 999 1291 FS NO.12 1200M-DIAMOND