CLASSIC 40 1000M

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CLASSIC 40 1000M

CLASSIC 40 1000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

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care instructions

Colour:1405 ArtNo:911-1405

Colour:1406 ArtNo:911-1406

Colour:1410 ArtNo:911-1410

Colour:1411 ArtNo:911-1411

Colour:1412 ArtNo:911-1412

Colour:1415 ArtNo:911-1415

Colour:1421 ArtNo:911-1421

Colour:1422 ArtNo:911-1422

Colour:1425 ArtNo:911-1425

Colour:1428 ArtNo:911-1428

Colour:1430 ArtNo:911-1430

Colour:1431 ArtNo:911-1431

Colour:1432 ArtNo:911-1432

Colour:1434 ArtNo:911-1434

Colour:1437 ArtNo:911-1437

Colour:1439 ArtNo:911-1439

Colour:1440 ArtNo:911-1440

Colour:1445 ArtNo:911-1445

Colour:1447 ArtNo:911-1447

Colour:1448 ArtNo:911-1448